1929 U.S. Navy Blimp USS Los Angeles (ZR-3) (full)

Freely downloadable at the Internet Archive, where I first uploaded it. United States Naval Photographic Center film #1437 National Archives description “1) MS Group of CB”s eating chow in tent on Bougainville Island.2) CU Several of the men eating chow at the tables.3) MS CB dropping mail into box.4) MS Looking inside tent which serves as CPO mess; man walks up to mailbox and drops mail into it.5) LA CU Sign: “CPO Mess”.6) MS PAN Group of Marines lined up for chow.7) MCU Sign on side of tree: “Movie Today”.8) MS Long line of trucks along roadway, tents in BG.9) HA MS Group of CB”s sitting on ground waiting for movies. (SV)10) MLS Column of Marines, in combat gear, marching down roadway; PAN down the roadway with trucks of various types coming and going.11) MS PAN Group of Marines hauling cart along a road.12) GV Marines and trucks coming down roadway (SV).13) MCU Sign: “36th. U.S. Navy Construction Battalion”.14) MS Sign, trucks passing by in FG, tents in BG.15) MS Tent city.16) LS Large dump truck loaded with dirt coming down road.17) MS Bulldozer pushing dirt along airstrip.18) MS Tractor hauling another vehicle.19) MLS Bombed-out area, CHAPLAIN DUPLISSEY saying Mass, hearing confessions and administering Holy Communion.20) MS CDR DIECHLER sitting in jeep.21) MCU Group of Seabees working on dirt airstrip.22) MS PAN Jeep driving past the camera.23) CU DIECHLER talking with Marine officer.24) MS Group of Seabees lay dynamite charge at base of large tree in dense jungle.25) CU Seabees laying dynamite charge at base of tree (SV).26) CU Man opening box containing dynamite caps, pulls out cap and inserts into dynamite.27) CU Man”s hands attaching fuse to stick of dynamite.28) LS B-24 making pass over airfield and drops parachute.29) LS Large tree falling after it has been dynamited.30) MS Explosion site.31) MCU Man pushing plunger on the detonator.32) MS Three men standing in hole at base of tree.33) LA MLS LOS ANGELES frees itself of mooring mast.34) LA MS Two engines under the airship.35) LA MLS LOS ANGELES in flight.36) AtoA MLS LOS ANGELES in flight, small aircraft under the ship.37) CU ADM MOFFETT & LCDR ROSENDAHL on the dirigible.38) HA MS Small plane hooking onto the underside of the LOS ANGELES while in flight.39) AtoA LS Stern view of the LOS ANGELES in flight.40) MLS LOS ANGELES in flight over the USS ARKANSAS (BB-33); PAN down to the ARKANSAS at anchor in harbor.41) MCU Aviators in gondola of the LOS ANGELES.42) MLS LOS ANGELES as it flies over the ARKANSAS; PAN, following the LOS ANGELES.43) AtoG Town.44) HA MS Glider attached to the underside of the LOS ANGELES (SV); pilot climbs down into the glider.45) LS LOS ANGELES coming into mooring mast aboard the USS PATOKA (AO-9)” National Archives Identifier: 75995

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