40 SEO Tip Quotes From the Pros [Infographic]

http://basicblogtips.com/seo In this Blab we discuss an SEO Quotes Infographic featuring 40 tips from Neal Patel, Brian Dean from Backlinko and Rand Fishkin of Moz.
I go over each of the 40 tips listed in the Infographic. Here’s a few tips that are mentioned:

Quotes from Rand Fishkin:
Do not use a subdomain to host your blog.
Create a unique experience for your website visitors.
Use a keyword research tool, Google Adwords is not enough.

Quotes from Neil Patel:
Create an interactive Infographic
Create a 3D Infographic
Target commercial Keywords

Quotes from Brian Dean:
Get links from product reviews
Use the Skyscraper Technique


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