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Should You Get This GSA Ranker List For Your Projects ?

If you are on the fence about buying this list then ask yourself these questions :
1) Why do i need these ? — If you have just started running GSA campaigns and find it difficult to build such huge number of links from various sources then you should, if you already are building 10-12,000 links per month then you should not. If you stop your campaigns and keep changing softwares — from senuke to ultimate demon to magic submitter just to find the next best thing then you should.
2) Are these links of any value ? — You will get huge ip and link diversity so i would say yes. But think about it in these terms — If you cannot use these directly as your tier 1 links, you can use them for your buffer sites or as your tier 2 links. You can backlink your videos, tutorial pages on buffer sites, press releases etc.
3) Do i need to buy these every month ? — I would say that it depends on your requirements. If you are a heavy hitter and use GSA every month then yes otherwise if you just use GSA every so often then do not.
4) I just bought a list from someone else. What about duplicates ? — If that seller build his list using GSA Ranker Lists alone then you can buy this as we use different scraping softwares so the list is entirely different. But if the seller claims he used scrapebox or any other software to build his list then remember that there can be many duplicates.

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