J & A Business Solutions A Merchant Service Provider

J & A Business Solutions A Merchant Service Provider

J & A Business Solutions is a merchant service provider. There are three compelling reasons why you would want to do business with us.

First and foremost we will absolutely save you money every month guaranteed in regards to your credit card processing.

We give you a truly in depth analysis and walk you through it and show you the fake fee’s and added transactions that most business owners never see because they don’t know what they are looking at.

Second, we recently launched a very gratifying aspect of our business, our Giving Back Program. We are able to contribute and donate to local and/or national charities.

We take 10% of our monthly profit from the processing of a participating business and donate it on behalf of them to a charity of their choosing.

This is a simple plan where no extra work or financial output is required by the business or charity. What it does is create the first ever guaranteed monthly fundraiser. As long as the business is “doing business”, there will be a check sent to their charity every single month without fail.

Thirdly, we will land your business on page one of google for both your website and videos for your desired keywords. Here’s the exciting part, we guarantee this part of our business as well. Simply put, we are the best at what we do and that is why we can guarantee it!

We are a one of a kind business solutions operation as we have a vested interest in your businesses success. Our local seo services provide you great visibility on the internet getting you in front of your potential customers.

The more new customers we bring you, the more transactions your business is ringing up and that makes us both happy! It’s a perfect formula for success.

We generally save a business enough money monthly where they can apply that savings to our seo services package. In a lot of cases the savings from processing actually pays for the seo package we tailor for your business.

Reach out to us now so you can save money on your processing, be seen everywhere on the internet and make a tremendous difference for your charity!


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