St Louis Local Marketing SEO Services Social Media and Law Firm (Attorney) St Louis Local Marketing SEO Services Social Media and Law Firm (Attorney). Many St. Louis local and small businesses can benefit from marketing their web properties and social media but I believe many may not have the time to invest in a strategy to bring in new clients through these new methods. In St. Louis, just as in any city in the world, local marketing can be a time consuming task for any small business owner. Social media marketing along with a strategy for a small business website can ignite a client base in a local city like St. Louis and beyond.


I did a random web and social media property critique for a local St. Louis attorney of the Law Office of Casey Coats (Coats Law Firm). They have a very nice website and I’m not sure how they are promoting effectively to bring in new clients. There are many challenges with their current social media properties as well. The Facebook page has zero “likes” with absolutely no engagement. No Google reviews (which could help tremendously). There are some other things that can be done to help bring in new clients from these web and social properties such as integrating the existence of these properties into their current advertising efforts, engaging with potential and current clients, blogging (the right way), staying consistent, other social media tactics that competitors in St. Louis are likely using, etc. Using search engine optimization or SEO for this St. Louis based law firm would help potential clients find their services as well. Their are many things as a small business that the Coats Law Firm could do to bring in more clients successfully using online marketing effectively in St. Louis.



Partial Transcript

0:04to them
0:08hey Andre here Tom
0:12dolan sums website critiques
0:16on attorneys and my area sales
0:193 area we have some BS terms
0:23in the entire nation Napoli so anyway
0:26especially with great law schools that we we have
0:30area come across website here
0:35the Colts law firm Casey
0:38Colts attorney at law go to her website
0:43see what she’s doing there
0:47as you can see yessir pretty nice website
0:51home website is coming off a little bit on the screen
0:56pick-up is screencast so
1:00on the other you might see a few problems
1:04on the other sites that I go to
1:07social media sites per this website is a nice website
1:12looks like this attorney
1:16look like she’s a traffic attorney look like she writes block polls
1:24great design so
1:27to her about page
1:34looks like she does of
1:37this particular page
1:43is is fine home pays pays
1:46here’s a practice see
1:51maternity like him don’t like the design it is great
1:59much dude like us for
2:02click why choose us tab okay
2:08at: something and I don’t like followers
2:12buttons see the traffic law stops belushi attorney for the traffic law
2:17sure doubted Facebook pages hers
2:20must be that companies home maybe contract with a1
2:24traffic last also Google Google+ page
2:29I believe is the same as well as gone straight to the traffic
2:33law instead of her personal or
2:36her page for business nap Twitter page is the same as well
2:45tax block very very important believes
2:50she roadblock she could
2:54lobstering getting clients home
2:58reason acid years this here
3:01look blog post a August 20
3:05today is Sept 4th 2000 14
3:08as you see last post: look look at the time in between poles
3:13April 2013
3:16we works what’s in the box
3:20to your site train
3:24baby everything pics we way 24
3:27overtime argues in April
3:30in between times look like she s inconsistency
3:36there she’s
3:39right block polls right consistently
3:43it would do her justice for her
3:46particular website paid a corner
3:49Facebook page called of Facebook page
3:54you can see
3:57for Sabah table number one thing
4:00notice on this website the number one thing
4:03notice on this website she’ll have any does not likes
4:07I mean you see polls here from August 9
4:10in the polls from September 26 tom also
4:15almost home year home tonight this year in September 22nd
4:202013 so basically nobody knows
4:24she even has a Facebook page
4:27not point her out she analysts
4:30case because she’s a woman sir rock
4:34teach hi but mom
4:37you see the polls or
4:40mushers more polls in this book
4:43look but I frampton 22nd August 9 hard
4:49Google+ each
4:55August 29 shared something here
4:59July 24 so there’s no activity
5:02home actually I’m sorry August Senate
5:07still range if you not share information on August 7th
5:11for August 28 to pull something
5:15week to lack 24

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