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Museum Marketing in the Digital Age, Branding Your Job Search & 3 Must-Do’s Effective Marketing

From push to pull, to multi-channel communications - the digital age has changed the way even old industries have marketed for years. Find out how the Museum of Modern Art is taking innovative approaches to connecting with consumers. Also on this Discover A Lot More

Internet Marketing: Branding through Social Media Traffic [Episode #3]

Interview with Zafar Hossain ZAFI on Social Media Marketing In this video Zafi shares how to get facebook. linkedin, tumblr, pinterest and instagram traffic without any money. [Episode #1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_s6-CamNKw&list=PLJZGoLMxPrBhW3CIrctXIET-9HfvErhgq&index=1 [Episode Discover A Lot More