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SEM TUTORIALS / PPC Dayparting: Part 1 / Conversion and Click Schedule Analysis

In part 1 of this tutorial learn to use Excel to dig into a Google Adwords report. Learn which days and times your clients ads are converting and which days and times your clients budget is being spent on a lot of wasteful clicks that aren't converting. DOWNLOAD Discover A Lot More

New SEO Advance 2014 Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi part 10/22 on page site layout navigation

Visit: http://www.onlineustaad.com for all of my tutorials in Urdu/Hindi. This is our new Search Engine Optimization Advance course in Urdu and Hindi, This is actually a complete SEO course in DVDs which has 92 video tutorials in Urdu. We'll share Discover A Lot More

Ranking Faktoren 2013, die Technik einer Website – SEO Tutorial Teil 3 – SEO Tutorials

Check out more SEO Tutorials @ http://seotutorials.xyz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------  For more motivational videos don't forget to subscribe:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe_DCTKpNmHzsl3cbKIX5xQ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video(s) Discover A Lot More